Maria Almenta in Barcelona

This model, better known as Maria Almenta is a spanish model and winner of the contest of the Elite Model Look Spain 2015. She belonged to the Top 10 Girls in the international contest of Elite.  Not only is Maria gorgeous, but she is exceptionally smart as well. We did some test shooting in Barcelona last month and our conversations were great. This lady has a bright future.  Here she is wearing and Alexandra Wang white stripped suit given to her by her friends mom. 

Here are my favorites with Almenta.  You can also see her book with Elite Models Europe HERE

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Lily Meola in RVCA

Lily Meola in RVCA

Maui girl Lily Meola is a singer and an all-around babe. She found her love for singing at a young age. Her soulful, velvety sound has taken her to a lot of distinguished places. 

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RVCA Swim Summer 2015 Lookbook with Mahina Alexander

Shooting a swim suit lookbook with a professional model like Mahina Alexander makes things easy.   Although Mahina was sick this day, you can't really tell in the photos.  What a badass! Thanks Andrea Hellebuyck for styling, Matt Barlow making the show run smooth and Chad Huff for video and creative direction.  You guys rock!