Lily Meola in RVCA

Maui girl Lily Meola is a singer and an all-around babe. She found her love for singing at a young age. Her soulful, velvety sound has taken her to a lot of distinguished places. Today, her career continues to blossom. In 2013, she recorded a duet with Willie Nelson for his record entitled "To All the Girls." During the last couple of years, she has been on a tour with Willie Nelson and family. Moreover, she recorded a duet "Baby It's Cold Outside" with Jamey Johnson for his Christmas album "The Christmas Song." When she's at home, she enjoys spending time with her family including her brother, surfer Matt Meola, and friends, surfing, and designing jewelry.

Below are some shots from our RVCA shoot at Encinitas. Hair and makeup was done by the amazing Malia Pickard.