MEC Fall Lifestyle

Just recently had some more images from a campaign I did with MEC back in the spring, go live on their site. This was a super fun and laid back shoot In Vancouver, British Columbia.  It involved, bike touring around the city and stopping at some dynamite micro breweries (Storm Brewing and Bomber Brewing). We also stopped in a lovely little bakery (Uprising Breads Bakery) and grocery as well.  Nothing was serious about this shoot.  I think my favorite part was when I sat on the back of a tandem bicycle. It allowed me to provide a unique part of the group perspective. 

Be on the lookout for a few more sneak peeks in the coming months! I love working with this company and will happily continue to do so. I also want to throw a hug thank you to Jaime and David with MEC for being so great to work with!


Sean Pettit Oakley Ad

Sean has been skiing professionally since the age of 11. He knew then that skiing was what he wanted to do as a career. He has received many awards and achievements over the years. He has even started his own film production company, Superproof.

I went to Europe with him, Calum (his brother), Groove Mister (father), Chris Rasman and Jody Wachniak for his Redbull tv show back in February.  Great time with the family, and many more to come. This image was from our first day on the trip in Switzerland. Thanks for the Ad Sean!

RVCA Swim Summer 2015 Lookbook with Mahina Alexander

Shooting a swim suit lookbook with a professional model like Mahina Alexander makes things easy.   Although Mahina was sick this day, you can't really tell in the photos.  What a badass! Thanks Andrea Hellebuyck for styling, Matt Barlow making the show run smooth and Chad Huff for video and creative direction.  You guys rock!