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Last April I got asked to join a small select group of small photographers to curate photos for @nike. I was honored to be apart of such a talented pool of people, and it's been a huge success for me.  Here's a few of my photos they've posted in the last couple months.  Please follow @nike and double tap on my photos if you want to support!! 20140502_barkerfoto_734920140807_barkerfoto_ 20140504_barkerfoto_799920140927_barkerfoto_5876-2 20140806_barkerfoto_9197 20140807_barkerfoto_9929  20140516_barkerfoto_ 20140616_barkerfoto_1028 20140806_barkerfoto_2 20140806_barkerfoto_8572 20140807_barkerfoto_0187 20141014_barkerfoto_2654


xo - Ashley

The people of Padang

20130719_barkerfoto_5605I was up in Northern Sumarta, Indonesia for a few months this year.  It was an amazing experience.  I had a job shooting the guests surfing, on a Australian boat for 2 weeks.  Before setting a sail I posted up in this tiny Muslim town, so naturally I walked around with my camera.  The kids were thrilled to see me, and were super into me taking there picture.  In fact they couldn't get enough.  Before long we were singing songs and counting in English and Indonesian.  It was a great day.

Kandui Resort - Mentawai

I've been many places, but non take the cake quiet like this. The Mentawais are a series of islands just off of Sumatra, Indonesia, and  Kandui Resort  is the G-spot. The resort has 3 breaks right in front, endless other waves around, the most welcoming staff, a great resort, 1st class meals, a games room, internet and many other things to keep you busy if you can possibly find the time.  They have 5 boats, a couple seadoos, and clean clear blue waters.  The crew is all set up with photo and video cameras so they are sure not to miss capturing your best waves. If your interested in scoring some of the best waves of your lifetime, no matter your ability, I recommend this resort.

Check their site here.

Without great people, even a perfectly situated place,  is going to suck.  Kandui is just the opposite.  Here's some of the photos I took of the staff on my 5 day visit:

Bali Flavor

I have spent the last 5 weeks in Bali.  Mostly on the southern Buket, exploring a little, all coastal and selfishly surf driven.  I love Bali because there is so many great people, both local and tourists.  Good karma.   Most are cool with having the camera pointed their way, and I feel safe leaving my gear with the little restaurants on the beach.  Most importantly, there are always waves.