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Mike Henituk - December 2013

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I went to Rettallack before Christmas this year to shoot with Sean Pettit, Mike Henituk and Callum Pettit for a new web series Sean is launching called Superproof.  Leigh Powis and Brendan 'Sherpa' Kelly are the brains behind the operation.  It's always a great time at Rettallack.  If you havn't been and you like great food, awesome people and powder, get there.  I love shooting anything and everything there because the environment is photogenic and inspiring.  These are some shots I took of Mike one afternoon after skiing because, well, that's what I love to do.

We like to Party..

Because you may as well spend the first day of a new year feeling like shit, with your friends.. These ones know how to party..


Happy New Year.  Hopeful you don't remember to much more of your night then i do.

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Thx for the party boys.