Bali Flavor

I have spent the last 5 weeks in Bali.  Mostly on the southern Buket, exploring a little, all coastal and selfishly surf driven.  I love Bali because there is so many great people, both local and tourists.  Good karma.   Most are cool with having the camera pointed their way, and I feel safe leaving my gear with the little restaurants on the beach.  Most importantly, there are always waves.

Travel photos - Bali part 1


38 days, 60 plus surf sessions, two flight changes, one broken board, facial and eye bruising, one fin to face cut, a couple back scratches, 35 days of belly/rib rash, countless reef cuts, an awesome leash tan, a couple minor scooter accidents, one crazy surf appetite later, and I'm back in the mother land.   Surfing is so addictive. It's a great battery charger for me before diving into 5 months of non-stop snow travel shooting.

I fell in love with Bali.  People are happy there, it's hot, beautiful and full of babes.  I didn't shoot a ton, but here's some stuff I liked.  Check back for more soon.