Kandui Resort - Mentawai

I've been many places, but non take the cake quiet like this. The Mentawais are a series of islands just off of Sumatra, Indonesia, and  Kandui Resort  is the G-spot. The resort has 3 breaks right in front, endless other waves around, the most welcoming staff, a great resort, 1st class meals, a games room, internet and many other things to keep you busy if you can possibly find the time.  They have 5 boats, a couple seadoos, and clean clear blue waters.  The crew is all set up with photo and video cameras so they are sure not to miss capturing your best waves. If your interested in scoring some of the best waves of your lifetime, no matter your ability, I recommend this resort.

Check their site here.  http://www.mentawaiislands.com/

Without great people, even a perfectly situated place,  is going to suck.  Kandui is just the opposite.  Here's some of the photos I took of the staff on my 5 day visit: