Glorifying Avalanches

Life is such a blessing, especially for those of us who have the time and freedom to be able to get out there and enjoy the outdoors. I encourage you to get out and enjoy the snow and the mountains at least once. Before you venture into the backcountry make sure to educate you and your partners about the dangers out there.

It is up to you and only you to make sure you are taking responsibility for yourself and EVERYONE you are out there with. Don't get me wrong you can enjoy it and have fun, but you can only do so my taking the right steps to ensure everyone's safety. 

Snowbardmag.com recently put out an article on the glorification of avalanches that has been occurring in many short films. The little clips of the avalanche you see in the films are being glorified for entertainment purposes. Many do not realize the true dangers of an avalanche due to this glorification, so they don't think there is anything to be worried about. I highly recommend learning all the safety measures you can before you hit the slopes, such as the classes offered by Whistler Blackcomb.

Thank you Snowboard Magazine, and Jens for continually bringing awareness to these matters and give yourself credit for reading about this:



Aly and Erik - Whistler Wedding

LOVE!! This beautiful bride and groom were a match made in heaven when they met on Tinder. Their love for one another came full circle when they were married in April. Aly and Erik were an absolute pleasure to work with and had so many fantastic ideas of what they wanted from me. They had booked a helicopter ride and wanted to shoot on the glacier; unfortunately, the weather was uncooperative, but it didn't matter. Instead we were able to fly to 4 different locations in Whistler and capture these unforgettable moments. Their lovely ceremony took place on Alta Lake.

I want to thank them for the amazing time and wish them the best of luck in their new life together!


2015 Buyers’ Guide Cover – Snowboard Canada w/ Rusty Ockenden

19.Snow-23(1).1-Cover-1500pixels'The landing of this feature looks like a boob from the side, and with the low light it looks like you’re jumping off of a long chin onto a titty. Witches usually have long chins, so we call this spot the witches titty. But in mid march, the light is more or less non existent on this feature and favors only the brave. Rusty Ockenden was quick to land this front 3 on the nipple and onto the next feature by 9am.’