Sean Pettit Oakley Ad

Sean has been skiing professionally since the age of 11. He knew then that skiing was what he wanted to do as a career. He has received many awards and achievements over the years. He has even started his own film production company, Superproof.

I went to Europe with him, Calum (his brother), Groove Mister (father), Chris Rasman and Jody Wachniak for his Redbull tv show back in February.  Great time with the family, and many more to come. This image was from our first day on the trip in Switzerland. Thanks for the Ad Sean!

Robin Van Gyn for ROXY

Robin Van Gyn for ROXY

My best friend Robin van Gyn and I went on an amazing European trip last February 2015. We spent weeks exploring the beautiful mountains of Italy, Austria, France, and Switzerland.  Robin is such a hard working athlete and is so knowledgeable in the back country.  Roxy licensed these images below and used them in everything, from catalogs to billboards in Disneyland.

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