Changing Tides Foundation Show - This Thursday

My friends over at Changing Tides are having a Video and Photo show this Thursday in Leucadia from our June trip to Panama.  Leah Dawson will be showing a short video and my photos will be coloring the walls.  We would love to see you!! All proceeds go the foundation, please bring your own cup if you want some dranks, no single use plastics welcome. 



changing tides art show leucadia TGR space foundation

Dancing with Justine Lutz

Dancing : Everyone does it, sober or drunk, it's just that most of us don't talk about it.   And that's okay, but the people that do, the ones that are really committed and passionate about it, can be so incredibly amazing at it, it's surreal too me.

I've been working with a PT, Nick Cutri, on and off for about a year now and he always has dancers coming in and out of his Gym.  As it turns out, his wife is currently doing choreography for PINK, and between the two of them, they are connected with every kind of dancer you could possibly dream of.  Before this day, I had never really shot dancing yet between Pinterest and Instagram I'm always gravitating towards dancers.   These stunning images of beautiful strong humans, that are extremely talented and (the kicker) CREATIVE!  Dancing is a form of Art and like Photography it is truly an expression of who we are and how we feel.  So it seemed apparent, and you gotta start somewhere,  I needed to start shooting dancers. 

I feel upon Justine Lutz.   She sent me her website and 2 hours later I was still watching her Youtube videos.  From features in Taylor Swift 'Shake it off' to Ed Sheeran back to Carrie Underwood, this girls' got back. 

I really wanted to shoot her in the LA river close to DT.  Cliche?  At dusk, reflections, movement. Whatever, I had a beautiful vision that seemed suiting for this location.   So I headed down to meet her at the spot, 30 minutes early to scope things out.  As it turns out the 6th street bridge that offered access to the river (with only one illegal fence hop) is now blown out, gone, RIP.  I'm convinced you can still get to that zone, but not without a long traverse coming in from a couple miles away or else a lot of illegal fence hoping in very monitored zones :(. If anyone knows otherwise, please call me!!

So we improvised as artists do, and we shoot in the financial district instead... Nothing wrong with that, just not quiet the initial vision.  I loved shooting Justine, it was so refreshing, and honestly hard to say goodbye.   

Here's some of my favs from our session. Thank you Justine for being so fabulous. XX Enjoy



Dancer Justine
Justin Lutz dancing portrait shadow beautiful LA
Justine Lutz shadows DT LA black & White choreographer dancers photographer
portrait dancer face Justine Lutz beautiful face expression expressive beautiful
Dancer Justine Lutz choreographer Los Angeles photographer Ashley Barker female stunning images movement b&w shadow silouette
Silouette Justine Lutz Ashley Barker bridge LA photographer
Justine Lutz dancer portrait commercial lifestyle photo image headshot
pink wall finiancial district los angeles dancer ice cream museum window Justine Lutz photographer Ashley Barker
dancing hard pink wall movement

Maria Almenta in Barcelona

This model, better known as Maria Almenta is a spanish model and winner of the contest of the Elite Model Look Spain 2015. She belonged to the Top 10 Girls in the international contest of Elite.  Not only is Maria gorgeous, but she is exceptionally smart as well. We did some test shooting in Barcelona last month and our conversations were great. This lady has a bright future.  Here she is wearing and Alexandra Wang white stripped suit given to her by her friends mom. 

Here are my favorites with Almenta.  You can also see her book with Elite Models Europe HERE

Maria Almenta model fashion lifestyle elite commercial photographer portrait face beauty
Maria Almenta barcelona model teen fresh face fashion red alexandra wang chanel
Maria almenta photographer photography wedding professional travel people fashion face portrait commercial vancouver
maria almenta barcelona beauty fashion elite model
Maria model elite teen red jacket commercial photographer beautiful blue wall beauty inspiration fashion
maria almenta face commercial photographer photography model fresh face portrait new york california cannon amaziing

Elite Model Stefani Brietzig

This Brazilian, Elite Model, Stefani Brietzig, is such a babe and absolute pleasure to shoot with.  Stefani has walked a lot of shows all over times, and it's really obvious in her work.  We did a quick session in Barcelona last week just outside my hotel.  Super simple, no makeup, 'I woke up like this' sort of look and she totally rocked here's outtakes from one location.  I'll follow up later in the week with our other location. Enjoy.  XX

elite model europe lifestyle portrait photographer photography barcelona new york europe canada vancouver calgary montreal best
model red hair portrait test shoot green wall commercial photographer
photographer photography inspire female image model ginger red head professional commercial portraits active lifestyle
green building black & white basic ginger red hair

Reese Peters test shots ~ Encinitas

Frank Models talent Reese Peters, and I, shot a few weeks ago in our neighborhood, Encinitas California.  Nothing planned just two girls hoping to create something special and have fun along the way.  Reese changed a few times in the car.  No H&M just natural.  I love how some of these turned out.  Reese is a perfect model, beautiful, young, talented and fun.  Here are some of my favorites from the photo shoot

reese peters model teen outdoor beautiful lifestyle fashion photographer photography california blue button up
pink flower bush portrait teen photographer commercial talent long hair los angeles female blue eyes
fashion green bush teen vogue magazine inspiration beautiful creative billabong rvca photo commercial
shadows bathing suit orange teen frank models photographer portrait outdoor lifestyle best photography southern california san diego encinitas new york chicago beach vibes tree branch
black & white tree branch talent portrait girl female teen inspiring green  shadow photography photographer best tropical swim swimwear love
sitting model girl alley billabong rvca sad portrait lifestyle photographer commercial san diego california canadian