Guillermo Cordoba : Male Model Outtakes

Male model Guillermo Cordoba and I meet through Blare Model Management to shoot in Barcelona while we had some time off.  Holy smokes this day was beyond windy.  In my mind, I had the most ideal tunnel location with shadows and massive negative space planned for Guillermo, but as we were walking down there it became apparent that the location wasn't going to work today.  His hair was already having trouble cooperating in wind sheltered areas and it seriously hard to hear your own voice speaking above the wind.  Thank goodness Barcelona's architecture is a fashion photographer's dream, so it wasn't hard to find this grey wall and ledge spot along the way.  We ended up staying there for the hour.  Guillermo's mother came and held a reflector when the wind let her.  Thanks Mom!!  She was so cute.  

Cordoba's look is very high fashion with big eyebrows, skinny physique, and flowy hair.   To see his book click HERE

Enjoy our outtakes below.

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