Oakley Prizm Campaign with Caroline Buchanan

In February 2017, I was hired by Moonbeam Studios as Photographer to capture an Oakley Campaign with the talented BMX professional Caroline Buchanan.  Pairing with Production on 5th production team, the campaign was shot in downtown Los Angeles.  Unfortunately, LA had a pretty gloomy winter and it was everything but sunny on this day.  Normally overcast and light rain is great for shooting people outside, often it's even ideal.   That doesn't apply when you're shooting for a sunglass company.  It turns out the word 'SUN' in glasses isn't just for show.  As usual the show must go on!! 

Caroline was a trooper and the day was seamless thanks to the amazing crew.  Thank you, Russ, Ana, Sara Pine, Alden, Terresa, Ilian and the rest of the team!  Here is a couple outtakes of the final product.  

Caroline Buchanan ad oakley running workout BMX profesional female image los angeles downtown photographer
Carolin Buchanan Australian BMX professional athelete Oakley Campaign running workout image USA california prographer commercial