Sandbox Catalog

Sandbox was founded in 2004 by Kevin Sansalone and a group of close friends in their hometown of Whistler BC.  They started the brand with a series of snowboard films that captured a new style of film making with well rounded riding that is a huge part of the snowboarding culture in Whistler and Western Canada. Later they started the Sandbox helmet brand in 2007. The helmets are quickly becoming one of the leaders in helmet style, design and function, and Sansalone is a legend.

I shot some lifestyle, action and product up on the Blackcomb glacier and in the studio last summer for the catalog and website.  We got to enjoy the full Whistler weather experience, of sun, rain and snow, in a 5 hour period.  Epic.  Here's how they turned out.

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Spare 2010 - Beaman, Fasani, Valaika, Pelosi, Kimura,