New Zealand

Justin Dorey - Under Armour shoot - New Zealand 2013

20130810_barkerfoto_9698 20130807_barkerfoto_9281 20130808_barkerfoto_9317 20130809_barkerfoto_9366 20130806_barkerfoto_8991 20130807_barkerfoto_9103 20130809_barkerfoto_9345  20130809_barkerfoto_9386 20130810_barkerfoto_9450 20130810_barkerfoto_9612 20130810_barkerfoto_9654 20130810_barkerfoto_9677 20130810_barkerfoto_9679  20130810_barkerfoto_9867  20130811_barkerfoto_0006 20130811_barkerfoto_0151 20130811_barkerfoto_0178 20130811_barkerfoto_0224 20130811_barkerfoto_0474 20130811_barkerfoto_0564 20130812_barkerfoto_0718 20130812_barkerfoto_0724 20130812_barkerfoto_0742 20130812_barkerfoto_0773 20130812_barkerfoto_0792 20130812_barkerfoto_0806 20130813_barkerfoto_9276 20130813_barkerfoto_9288 20130815_barkerfoto_9938 20130815_barkerfoto_0013 20130815_barkerfoto_0017 I joined Justin in New Zealand this summer for a week and shot some photos for his outerwear sponsor Under Armour.  There's nothing like mixing business with pleasure, and Justin is always a pleasure to shoot with ( when he lets me ) :).  We didn't get tons of time on snow due to weather and injury, but I was really hyped on what we go.

Transfer Magazine Pages from Billabong Chile trip

Pages from Transfer Mag in New Zealand and Australia Issue #14 currently on shelves.  These shots were all taken on a Billabong catalog shoot in Chile, at this time last summer.  Clint Allan was the Aussie rider on the trip.  He's pretty big over there. The trip was so fun, and snow conditions were pretty good to South America. Thanks Billabong.  


DC Catalogue Photos



I went to New Zealand with the DC team back in August.  We were gunning for snow and got zero, so we had to milk the milk with park shots.  Wanaka is always a good time though.

DC is officially making a movie this year! Devun, Iikka, Lauri, Tiene, Bittner, Torstein, Geeves and friends.. Look for it next fall.

Thanks to DC, Nick Olsen, Brian Cassaro, Brian Thompson, Colin Adair and the team for a great trip.