Balinese Man - Greenballs

I'm in Bali.  Waves have been small, but I'm not complaining, after all I'm in Bali.  I"ve been spending everyday surfing ankle to head high waves. I still suck, but it's exactly what I need before the 6 month dive into winter.  Been getting around on a scooter and therefore lagging on the picture taking with no place to store anything bigger then my point and shoot.  Meet some amazing people from everywhere here.  Great times. This place is awesome.

This lovely Balinese gentlemen, sits at the top of the stairs (about 400) of a reef break called Green Bowls, or Greenballs beach, selling drinks, everyday.  The breaks on the beach are pretty exposed. It gets bigger waves then most spots which might normally be pretty intense here, but the swell has basically been non-existant for the last two weeks. So from what I've been seeing it gets bigger waves then most other spots (exception of Pyang-Pyang).  I've only seen it over head one or two days so far. Crossing my fingers for some swell soon.