Billabong Winter Europe w/ Taylor Godber

I shot a 'how to guide to Whistler' with Taylor Godber for Billabong Europe in January 2017.   Taylor is such a trouper, she was just getting over dengue fever a the time.  We didn't have budget for an assistant so she carried her own change of outfits on the hill, and powered through the day.   

The article goes something like:

There is a certain energy to Whistler. Something that hooks and magnetizes people from all over the world to turn their vacations into stay-cations that last a week to a decade. A stroll through the Village and surrounding areas, a taste of the endless cuisine, the lit winter walkways blanketed in snow, and most profoundly the top to bottom pow runs. An elixir that will undoubtedly capture your soul. That is if you are into that kind of stuff.  

Check out more of the Billabong article and photos HERE

Thank you to Mount Currie Coffee, Scandinave Spa and of course Whistler Blackcomb for being so accommodating.

I put together my favorites below.

Stay Warm and Enjoy


DC Hit and Run event coverage

I covered the DC HIT & RUN EVENT in Whistler at the end of March in a very foggy day. Here's how she went:


March 28,2016

The final stop of the DC Hit & Run went down at Whistler Blackcomb last weekend. The course was steep with deep smooth bowl turns that had the 80+ competitors more managing their speed more than milking for speed. Rider’s ultimate goal was to get down the course as fast as they can while being judged on their style and trickery on the three placed features (40ft jump, rail section, and a mandatory 2 hit pipe run) where riders earned valuable points for time deductions. 

Check HERE for more photos and information

Winner Scot Brown kicking down

Chelsea Coughlin at Brandywine Falls

I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot Whistler local Chelsea Coughlin in RVCA swimwear. It was a fun and creative shoot, and we did it at the spectacular Brandywine Falls, close to my Whistler home. Brandywine Falls is such as beautiful sight, with the water dropping from a 70-metre cliff to the valley below. It is definitely a must-see for anyone on the way to or driving from Whistler. Here are some amazing shots from our quick shoot.

New App: GoSnow Launched

Back in December Sean Bellerby approached me about shooting some photos for a new App he was creating that allows Skier and Snowboarder all around the world to connect.  I was thrilled about the concept.  New, innovative, allows people to connect.. sounds awesome to me!  So I put together a shot list and I was able to execute the shoot in France with two of my best friends and best snowboarders in the biz:  Helen Schettini and Robin Van Gyn.  We had a blast doing it. 

Last month the App launched.  It's still in the first stages of growth, and I am really excited to see where it goes. 

PR GoSnow Launch Commerical app Photographer photography image whistler snowboarder skiier snow skijpg

GoSnow.. be sure to download it from your app store

Words from the Founder:

We'd love to inspire you to do more skiing and snowboarding! So its with great excitement that I write to announce the availability of GoSnow for iOS.

We hope that this innovative new concept for skiing and snowboarding helps create awesome new experiences for you and your friends, and ultimately inspires you to spend more time doing what you love!

Feel free to contact me directly with any of your insights from your experiences using GoSnow, or with any feedback... We love feedback from our community ;)

I very much look forward to meeting you on a ski hill somewhere soon.