TWS Feb 2012 Cover - Lucas Debari

Sometimes things look easier then they appear.  In reality that's a snowboarders job.  They make it look easy.   This shot seems that way.  We sledded to the top of this bowl and boot pack out.  The avy danger was extremely high, which always makes it a challenge for the riders and terrain selection. In this case, it made it equally as difficult to find good angles that didn't put me and lens man Gary Pendygrass in danger.  My knee was bleeding, bruised and barely working  from a snowmobile spill, but sometimes you just have to suck it up and make it work.  I saw this spine beside the feature with a tree at the top. I knew I had to get there.  This was a nerve racking angle. The wrong movement or shift in snow was gonna mean getting sucked into the spine, the exposed area and out of a position I wouldn't be able to get back into.  Getting my camera out of the back was another funny challenge.

Lucas is one of my favorite riders.  He's young, genuine, and charges.  He's mountaineering and climbing skills give him the ability to get into things overs wouldn't dare to get themselves on top of.  Here, Debari is airing to this pillow tree type feature you see him air out of.

Thanks Lucas, Gary and Mary for your patients and great day.