Dawn and dusk. Photo and video nerds and nerdettes call it magic hour. It's flippin' magical. The slum, paradise, LAX, it don't matter where, things just look better. It's kinda like food in daylight. If it looks great inside with the shitty fake light, take it outside and it's probably gonna look 10x better.  Ummm, I'm hungry. A couple weeks ago I was flying back from New Zealand with 3 others.  Initially we were all seating together, but I moved seats during the flight to sprawl out in a vacant aisle.  We had a two hour lay-over in LAX before YVR.  I thought it was plenty of time, but shit didn't really pan out that way.   Tthe rest of the crew got some sort of cards (delivered to them on the plane to there assigned sets of course) that got them to the front of the 'super fun' line.  Everyone dreads that line. Waiting to find out if they are gonna let you into the country.  "What questions are they goona ask? What's this guy gonna be like? Am I gonna get that guy or this girl? I hope I get that guy, definitely don't want that guy. He's sending me into seondary for sure."

It's not like secondary is scary.  I got nothing to hide.  It's just annoying, and to be honest I feel violated when I go in there.  I am not doing anything illegal, half them don't know the 'rules' with my work, and  the fact that they are alloud to ask anything about my work, personal intentions, where, why, when, it just doesn't sit with me well.  Anyway, I waited in line like a sucker.  Still should of had plenty of time, but of course I got mister mean and went into secondary.   Classic 'do you work in America?' type questions, and on your way, 1 hour later and flight mid boarding.  The plus side,  they googled my name, so I got at least two more fans(chuckles).

Anyway, this is how I made use of my time.  Well..20 minutes time.  Asked a couple people if I could snap a pick, poached a few too.   Strangers reactions are always funny when you ask to take there photo, usually awkward, and sometimes really intrigued..  View post for pics.