sandbox premier

Sandbox movie 'Day and Age' and the new Flow movie premiered last weekend at Millenuim place in Whistler. It's looking pretty fantastic. The afterparty was a Garfs, where Dom and Kevin rented a photo booth slash makeout room. Little did most of us know that both Sandbox and Garfinkels get digital copies of those photos. Haha.. Can't wait to see those. I shoot some 'red carpet' photo and drinking entertainment.

A couple people got pretty lose, to say the least. Alice takes the cake tho. Apparently little Griffin, aka Kevin Griffin's bro, got up to take a leak and came back to Alice in his seat. Grif kicked her out so she layed down in the middle of the stage. Of course the crowd yelled 'dump em out' and before long 'they' were out. Sansalone dragged her out. Thanks for the entertainment Alice!!

Apologies for not being able to get the photos in order.. switching blogs next week..

Check out the sandbox teaser and site here and Flow snowboard fanpage here

Props to Clayton Larsen, Leo Hoorn, Kevin Sansalone, Matt Belzile, Scot Brown, Tim Humphreys, Rusty Ockenden, Ryan Hall, Logan Short, Dave Short, Clint Allen, Wiley Teseo and anyone else I am forgetting. Nice work boys!