Transworld September 2011 Issue Photos

Although I've known since last fall, this is the first real 'public' display of my recent job title with TWS. It's official, I am a Senior at TWS! I've joined much respected photographers Scott Serfas, Frode Sandbech and Andy Wright. I loving the support, staff, mag and all the rewards that come along with the title.

I owe many thanks to many people for helping me to get to this point in my career. Riders, Tm's, editors, shred supporters, buyers and readers. Please support me/us by picking up a copy of Transworld, available almost anywhere good mags are found.

The above can be found in the first issue of the mag, September 2011. In order of apperance: Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, Romain Demarchi, Jp Solberg and Benji Ritchie. Thanks for sending boys!!