I’ve had the pure pleasure of working for the legendary Chasen Marshall over at Oakley on several Campaigns over the past 6 months through Nick Martin, Megan Arizmendi, Leah Bullock and all the other amazingly talented crew over at Stept Studios . There’s so many layers that come into play to make this stuff possible. I can’t thank the crew enough for doing such a seamless job over and over again. Only together these things come to light, and most of the time I’m just coming in at the end.

Thanks to the talented and dreamy looking Daniel Norris (pitcher below) for being such a good sport in front of the camera, and all the other muses that have Stept in front of the camera during these projects.

Here’s some of the Tear Sheets from a shoot we did in November 18.

New Studio Assets for Bn3th

I shot some studio stuff with Bn3th in May.  BN3TH, formerly known as MyPakage, makes quality undies for men. I obviously don't wear their underwear, but it's amazing to see good friends doing great things. Even better when they hire you to play in the studio all day!

Thanks to Adam Chutz and Dez Price for hiring me and doing rad things :)


Dani Hall in Brown

As a Photographer and Creative, they always say it's better to be working for nothing, then not working at all.  I live by those words.  Probably, because I'm obsessed with photography, visual arts and directing. I try to be shooting, and learning new mediums as much as I can.  For clients and for myself. 

I stayed in Vancouver all of May and shot with a bunch of friends between jobs.  The images below I shot with my beautiful friend and talented graphic designer, Dani Hall.  It turned out to be one of my favorites series from the month.

Some film, some digital, so the colors don't all match.  Sorry :)


film. girl hanging
hair brown editoral fashion vintage trending
girl in brown celebrity photographer personal film
brown on brown pallett los angeles photographer
editoral photographer LA
film photographer

Pro Photographer Showdown 2018 - Invitee

I'm so honored and excited to be joining Chris Burkard, Fred Mortagne, Grant Gunderson & Roberto Alegria at this year's Pro Photographer Showdown in Whistler, BC on April 12th, 2018.  Excitement aside, I would be lying if I didn't say I am extremely nervous about the event as well.  Fred is someone I've always looked to for inspiration.  This guy has an eye like no other.  Burkard has a whopping 3 million followers on Instagram alone, and inspiring us all on the daily with his adventures and epic locations.  Grant is always crushing it on all fronts.  Roberto images are next level as well. 

At the end of the day, this isn't about winning for me anymore.  I've let my ego go on this one. I'm just humbled to sit in front of the judges with this group.  I moved to LA 3 years ago and I have been 100% focused on commercial/active/ advertising photography.  I am still more than thrilled to do adventure and action sports stuff for clients and fun, but that doesn't always result in stuff for this show.  Snow/Ski photography hasn't been my daily hustle for a minute now.  My show will mostly be stuff from 3- 10 years old, with some new stuff sprinkled throughout. 

I would like to thank my dear friend and extremely talented cinematographer/producer /editor Jordan Mayfield for all his efforts and passion putting my show together. I couldn't do this without you bud!  Also, Olympus for funding the event and the epic new camera.  Thank you Jaime Kerrigan for putting this thing together year after year, and everyone that's ever stood in front of my camera, supported me or collaborated with me.  Team work makes the dream work!

A little about the show: 

The Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown is an awe-inspiring celebration of the craft of action sports photography, bringing together some of the world’s best to share some of their all-time favourite images capturing sport, culture and the human spirit. Regarded by many as one of the preeminent action sports photography events in the world, over the years the Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown has seen some of the top action sport and lifestyle photographers in the game battle it out on stage, each vying for the title of Best in Show. 2018 will be no different, with four invited photographers, plus one wild card entry, bringing their best to the World Ski & Snowboard Festival and sharing their skill, devotion and unfailing passion.

BUY your tickets here

Hope to see you there!

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 12.23.31 PM.png

Billabong Winter Europe w/ Taylor Godber

I shot a 'how to guide to Whistler' with Taylor Godber for Billabong Europe in January 2017.   Taylor is such a trouper, she was just getting over dengue fever a the time.  We didn't have budget for an assistant so she carried her own change of outfits on the hill, and powered through the day.   

The article goes something like:

There is a certain energy to Whistler. Something that hooks and magnetizes people from all over the world to turn their vacations into stay-cations that last a week to a decade. A stroll through the Village and surrounding areas, a taste of the endless cuisine, the lit winter walkways blanketed in snow, and most profoundly the top to bottom pow runs. An elixir that will undoubtedly capture your soul. That is if you are into that kind of stuff.  

Check out more of the Billabong article and photos HERE

Thank you to Mount Currie Coffee, Scandinave Spa and of course Whistler Blackcomb for being so accommodating.

I put together my favorites below.

Stay Warm and Enjoy


Eric in Baro Dry Wear

My friends Mike Cerka and Tyler Quarles over at Baro Dry Wear started a Technical Outerwear company out of Vancouver, Canada last year. The brand pairs trusted technologies with classic silhouettes—designed for those seeking technical outerwear without compromising style. Their pieces are versatile and stylish, fantastically fit and finish, great function, and super waterproof. 

I did a shoot with them in the fall. No professional models or stylist, assistants, location scouting, hair or makeup. Just friend, a couple stops on the Skytrain and a lot of jackets. It's amazing what you can shoot with a little imagination.   Here are some of my favorites with Eric Savics.

Also thanks  to Lauren Van Camp & Travis Collier for modelling.  More to come next week..

Shop HERE to get your own Baro gear.

Grouse Mountain with MEC

Snow storms, carpools, french fries, pizza, chair rides, hot dogs, hot lodges and silly songs.  Mountain Equipment Coop campaign shoots are always full of shenanigans.  The whole approach to their photo shoots is the 'unphoto shoot'.  What is that suppose to mean?  No unique angles, a little messy, everyday people, and shooting from the hip.  The idea is for consumers to feel as if they could be the person in the photo. As the photographer,  I become an extension of the crew.

For there winter 2017-2018 ski line, we loaded up two vans full of gear and happy humans, and headed to Seymour.  The weather was so stormy the first day.  The following day we headed to Grouse Mountain where it was mostly sunny.  It was really nice to get that healthy mix of light and mood.  Here's some of the photos they ended up using from the campaign.  Shop MEC here.