Grouse Mountain with MEC

Snow storms, carpools, french fries, pizza, chair rides, hot dogs, hot lodges and silly songs.  Mountain Equipment Coop campaign shoots are always full of shenanigans.  The whole approach to their photo shoots is the 'unphoto shoot'.  What is that suppose to mean?  No unique angles, a little messy, everyday people, and shooting from the hip.  The idea is for consumers to feel as if they could be the person in the photo. As the photographer,  I become an extension of the crew.

For there winter 2017-2018 ski line, we loaded up two vans full of gear and happy humans, and headed to Seymour.  The weather was so stormy the first day.  The following day we headed to Grouse Mountain where it was mostly sunny.  It was really nice to get that healthy mix of light and mood.  Here's some of the photos they ended up using from the campaign.  Shop MEC here.