Le Eco

LeEco is a leading internet company globally. They strive to seamlessly blend devices, content, applications, and distribution in an unique ecosystem. I had the pleasure of working with them in San Francisco at the end of September.

Getting a hands on experience in using their product was quite the experience. They are certainly innovative and ahead of the game. Just be careful with that 85" television.... its not for the faint of heart to move...haha.

You can check out all of the products at If you hurry you can catch the tail end of their Black Friday sales!

I want to thank all of the models (Anna, Charlene, Robin, Connor, Ghai, and Ritchie) for the fantastic job they did. I also want Ben, Will, Scott, and Ashley from Le Eco for allowing me to work on this project. 

Mio Global - Ad Campaign

Back in May I worked with Mio Global to shoot some of their latest fitness trackers. We had a wonderful time with them in Vancouver. Mio's goal with their products is to be innovative, empower athletes, and be open with their products. They are pioneers in the world of optical heart rate sensors for the wrist. I must say they do work extremely well! The other thing that sets them apart is that you can link them with third-party apps. Take a look at Mio Global (here).

I once again had the pleasure of working with fantastic models provided by Sonya over at Reel Athletes. Check them out here. I wanna thank all of the models (Pauline Findley, Stephen Lang, Rachel Krumme, and Will Poutishi) for being so great and easy to work with!

Thank you Bryan, Tricia, and Jessica from Mio Global for the shoot and all of you're efforts.