Nike NYC City Pages

I just got back from NYC last week.  What an inspiring city!  I spent a week there shooting with Nike NYC for their city page on  It was a rad experience to be able to work across all categories including women's training, men's training, Nike sportswear, and running over the course of two days.  After that I shot 'BraHaus' at Bandier, a Nike sports bra launch which went live on July 6th.  We shot with 5 beautiful New York local influencers who were such a pleasure to shoot with. 

It is pretty rare that I get to work with Nike direct as opposed to going through a crate agency.  It was a wonderful experience!  Hayley Champloux at Nike produced all the shoots.  I was so fortunate to have Nike master trainer and model Traci Copeland help me find moves that worked best for what we were trying to capture.  I really couldn't have done it without her.  All the talent was fantastic to work with: Lauren Williams, Joe Holder, Rebecca Kennedy, Patrick Frost, Holly Rillinger, Lucie Beatrix, Evan Cooper and many runners from the Wru Crew. Such babes. Thank you all for being so great and easy to work with!

Last off thank you Bruno Gracia for the hospitality and my epic crew of re-touchers for working so hard last minute.  Special thanks to Kezia for her retouching. You can check her out here.

If you would like more information on the new products launching or the new line of sports bras, please check out the links below.  More to come.