House Rules - Ian Twa

Ian's a friend for life.

We grew up next door. My parents didn't like him back then.  He always had a later curfew, boy, skated on the road out front on a daily basis making noise, smoking, always getting in trouble and kicked outta schools. The ladies loved him too.  Over time my parents learned to love him too.  He's got a shinning personality, always voices his opinion, passionate, always on the go,  usually the loudest person in the room, and these things shine thru in his skating.  Back in high school, when I first picked up a camera, I used to roll around with him and a few other skate enthusiast and attempted to document there finest moments. Ian's still got it, and everytime I see him he gets better.

Ian lives with Joey Williams, Bryan Wherry, Wade Desarmo, Spencer Hamilton, Cane Krips and penny the kitty.  Big house in East Vancouver and peeps come in and out the house like it's going outta style, hence the rules.

Youtube ian here

Vancouver September 2011