This Friday- All.I.CAN. World Premiere - Whistler, BC

I would hate to be making a snow video this year. The bar has been set so high with all this new technology and heli budgets. Directors Dave Mossop and Eric Crosland and the Sherpas Cinema boys are one of those few crews raising the bar time and time again. Drama. The good kind.
There new video All.I.Can, is premiering this Friday in Whistler, at the Conference Center, with most of the athletes in attendance. Kye Petersen, Mark Abma, Eric Hjorleifson, JP Auclair, James Heim, Chris Rubens, Mike Douglas, Dana Flahr, Rory Bushfield, Ian McIntosh, Lynsey Dyer, Alexis Godbout, Matty Richard, Chad Sayers and more.
All.I.Can won the award for BEST DOCUMENTARY and MOST INNOVATIVE VISUAL FX at IF3 International Freeski Film Festival in Montreal.
Check out the teaser. Come check out the premiere and enjoy the ride.

Oh and come find me on the red carpet. I've somehow become 'that' photographer. Great way to meet people doing what I love. Thanks Malcolm for the job!