Jenny Jones

I had only meet Jenny once, briefly, at a dinner years before, when we got bunked together for 5 nights at Rettallack lodge this past winter. When you live out of a suitcase 80% of the year, and barely get to see your family and close friends, there's times when you get thrown into a new crew and feel somewhat ummm what the word- out of place? home sick? Luckly, it doesn't happen often, and it definitely didn't happen with Jenny on this trip. This chick is rad. We became friends over night and by day two I found myself telling things to Jenny.. well lets just say things I definitely wouldn't post on facebook or this blog. I've only seen this girl once since, briefly on some mountain in some park, for some minutes, but I have to say I miss her presence. Hope to share a room with you again soon Mrs. Jones! Stay rad.