Photo Exhibit

I'm having a photo exhibit in my home town, Calgary Alberta at the Elbow Park Community Center. Should be a blast.

Come share some drinks and good vibes on November 4th. Doors will be open from 6-11pm. All ages welcome, bring your parents, heck bring your dog. Well maybe not dogs but all humans are welcome.

Please be sure to bring a non perishable food item for the Food Bank to help those in need.

Thanks everyone for your support. RSVP on the facebook group if you can, here.


Molson Canadian, Red Bull and Barefoot Wine & Bubbly

About the Artist:

In our postmodern, image-driven milieu, even the most sensational scenes

can barely elicit a reaction. Yet, when the active elements of mystery and

humanity intersect, images can reach right out and touch us. It is with

passion and perception that Ashley Barker arrives at this intersection with

her photography. Formal training at the Western Academy Of Photography

and a grand sense of scale, born of her Alberta roots, inform her visual

perspective. An accomplished commercial artist at only 25, Barker's photos

are in demand with the world's foremost publishers of snowboarding, skiing

and action culture. She loves the mountains and works fervently to gain skill

and experience shooting in the alpine environment. And it is out there, far

from the manmade constructs of so-called civilization that her passion finds