Ashley Barker


Los Angeles and Vancouver-based photographer and RVCA Clothing advocate Ashley Barker has been shooting photos of sport and cultural luminaries since her first image published 18 years ago. An avid adventure seeker, surfer and snowboarder, Ashley thrives on spontaneity and scaring herself silly. In her work, she fosters an open, interactive environment with her subjects and brings their personalities to life with sharp and vibrant imagery. In both the commercial and editorial environments, she values hard work, teamwork and passion and leverages those principles to showcase talent, creativity and unique perspective with her award-winning action and lifestyle photography.


"I love everything about photography.  From initial chats with individuals about there 'silly modest visions',or brands totally lost with zero ideas, I'm right there with you from start til your billboard is up and running in time-square (or online :) ) The 'buzz', the excitement of storytelling never wears off for me. I feed off of people and open environments that promote success.  I am so fortunate to have discovered photography when I was still a teenager and over the years I have made hundreds of mistakes.  I've gained so much knowledge and experience and yet I still have so much more to grow.  These decades of passion have introduced me to many talented individuals of now whom I call my TEAM.  We are fully competent in bringing your ideas to life, from start to finish.  We are creative problem solvers, from pr-production, to photo-retouching and social delivery.  No idea, no dream is too big, we eat that stuff for breakfast and dinner. Let's work together!" - Ashley


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