My Pakage Sport Catalog


MyPakage is an unique underwear company. I did a couple shoots for them back in May including lifestyle, running, basketball, training, and cycling.  I worked along side talented cinematographer Jordan Mayfield (check him out HERE) from Vancouver, BC. He was the mastermind behind producing, finding models, locations, etc.  Although I worked mostly on my own for this catalog during the shoot, it was Jordan who did most of the pre-production, alongside with Mike Cerka from MyPakage.  As always it's inspiring to see what goes on on the other side of the ball park in the video realm. 

Here's what came out of the action shoots via catalog.  All retouch and design by Adam Chuntz (HERE).


Lauren Williams: NikeTraining at Chelsea Piers

This beautiful lady, Lauren Williams, is a trainer at Tone House, a fitness model, and a dancer. She is so natural in front of the camera and I love her look. She has been dancing since she was 4 years old and has performed on Broadway and at Madison Square Gardens and it shows.  Captured her for Nike NYC pages. Thanks for being so great Lauren!

Aly and Erik - Whistler Wedding

LOVE!! This beautiful bride and groom were a match made in heaven when they met on Tinder. Their love for one another came full circle when they were married in April. Aly and Erik were an absolute pleasure to work with and had so many fantastic ideas of what they wanted from me. They had booked a helicopter ride and wanted to shoot on the glacier; unfortunately, the weather was uncooperative, but it didn't matter. Instead we were able to fly to 4 different locations in Whistler and capture these unforgettable moments. Their lovely ceremony took place on Alta Lake.

I want to thank them for the amazing time and wish them the best of luck in their new life together!


Nike NYC Running with Wru Crew

We Run Uptown (WRU Crew) was started in 2013 by one man running across the George Washington Bridge each day. Since then they have grown in to a large group who meet up all throughout the week to share their love of running and work at being better. They have many events that they do such as the Subway Series, next one is on August 18th.  I had the pleasure to capture them for two hours in late June, again for NIKE. The weather wasn't the best, so we had to rush. We made do with what Mother Nature gave us though.


Brahaus for NIKE

Brahaus is a collaborative with Nike and Bandier in New York City.  This month Nike launched some new sports bras for all sports and types of woman.  They kicked it off with our shoot at BANDIER.  I had the pleasure to shoot 5 beautiful ladies from all walks of life. These fabulous ladies included Paloma Elesser, Claire Fountain, Katelin Sisson, Angel and Dren, and Holly Rilinger (I have included their Instagrams, so you can check them all out).   You can read more about all of them and Brahuas HERE.




Training In NYC With Holly Rilinger

Holly Rilinger modeled one of the training looks that we shot at Chelsea Piers for the NYC Nike City Page. This chick is impressive.  She is a master flywheel instructor, a celebrity trainer, and also on Bravo's Work Out New York on Sunday nights. I also had the pleasure of shooting her for the launch of the BRAHAUS collaborative, so keep an eye out for her in there as well.

Training With Joe Holder For Nike NYC

Joe Holder is the founder of The Ocho System. He is also a trainer at S10 Training and Nike. He has a hand in community development for Health Warrior as well. He was a pleasure to work with on Chelsea Piers for NYC Nike City Page. You can tell the passion he has for health and fitness; it truly is his life. 

Rebecca Kennedy @ Chelsea Piers for Nike NYC

Rebecca Kennedy is a trainer for Barry's Bootcamp Chelsea and NikeWomen. I had the pure pleasure to shoot with this lovely woman at Chelsea Piers for Nike Training City Page.  I literally had to shoot 10 assets in 9 minutes. It was far from ideal! Rebecca has such great form and is a natural in front of the camera that we only needed 4 minutes. She couldn't have made my job any easier. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook