Glorifying Avalanches

Life is such a blessing, especially for those of us who have the time and freedom to be able to get out there and enjoy the outdoors. I encourage you to get out and enjoy the snow and the mountains at least once. Before you venture into the backcountry make sure to educate you and your partners about the dangers out there.

It is up to you and only you to make sure you are taking responsibility for yourself and EVERYONE you are out there with. Don't get me wrong you can enjoy it and have fun, but you can only do so my taking the right steps to ensure everyone's safety. recently put out an article on the glorification of avalanches that has been occurring in many short films. The little clips of the avalanche you see in the films are being glorified for entertainment purposes. Many do not realize the true dangers of an avalanche due to this glorification, so they don't think there is anything to be worried about. I highly recommend learning all the safety measures you can before you hit the slopes, such as the classes offered by Whistler Blackcomb.

Thank you Snowboard Magazine, and Jens for continually bringing awareness to these matters and give yourself credit for reading about this:


The Best Tips For Shooting In The Snow

Recently I was asked by Shutterstock to share my number one tip for shooting in the snow. I always say dress in layers! You can always take a layer off it it gets too warm for you. You also want to make sure not to change the temperature of your gear to much as the glass will fog and it's just a pain then.

My other tip is experiment with breaking out your flashes on the mountains. Yes it can be difficult, but the shot you get is worth it. Many times I have had to trek up and down the side of a mountain in very little light to get the flashes just where I needed them. You can see the rewards of the work and patience below.

You can read the full article including tips and stories from six other photographers here.

Everyday People In Brooklyn- Nike NYC

Back in the beginning of October I had the pleasure of working with Nike of New York City for their city page featuring the group Everyday PPL (more about them below). I always love working with Nike as they bring new and innovative ideas to the table. We spent the whole day wandering around Brooklyn which was great to see more of Brooklyn than I ever have before. We shot in Fort Greene Park, around the Hoyt-Schermerhorn mural, the Brooklyn Bridge, and on miscellaneous street corners.

Everyday PPL started back in 2012 to bring the who's who altogether for brunch and a party downtown. They have now spread across the country throwing signature parties. You can read more about their adventures in an interview here. I had the pleasure of shooting some of the group (Jamel, Ifrah, Elise, Yannick, and Brien) as well as Saada who is one of the founders of Everyday PPL.

I want to give a huge thank you to Hayley from Nike and her team as well as everyone from Everyday PPL. You all were fantastic!

Le Eco

LeEco is a leading internet company globally. They strive to seamlessly blend devices, content, applications, and distribution in an unique ecosystem. I had the pleasure of working with them in San Francisco at the end of September.

Getting a hands on experience in using their product was quite the experience. They are certainly innovative and ahead of the game. Just be careful with that 85" television.... its not for the faint of heart to move...haha.

You can check out all of the products at If you hurry you can catch the tail end of their Black Friday sales!

I want to thank all of the models (Anna, Charlene, Robin, Connor, Ghai, and Ritchie) for the fantastic job they did. I also want Ben, Will, Scott, and Ashley from Le Eco for allowing me to work on this project. 

Nike Orange County Run club capture

During my time in Orange County capturing assets for Nike I also did some shots for the Nike Orange County Run Club. Run Clubs are designed for any one and everyone not just runners or athletes. They have many locations across the World (you can find the closest to you HERE). If you do not have a club close to you Nike recently launched a Run Club app (here) as well as training plans online.  The NTC app is my favorite.  I literally don't workout without it anymore.

Run Club is not just for running Nike OC they also does yoga, barre work, and much more. You can see all of OC's upcoming events HERE. 

NIKE Orange County - Training @ Fashion Island

In September, I captured some of the Nike Trainers and Influencers for Nike Orange County in Fashion Island. The two trainers (Samantha Jo Palermo and Marissa Gonzalez) were so great in front of the camera. They modeled some of the new line that came out a few months back. 

I also had the pleasure of shooting Vanessa, Stevie, Valerie, and Rebekah  at this shoot as well. 

I absolutely love when I get the chance to work with Nike; they always have such great creative ideas that I love accomplishing. Be on the lookout for more from this Orange County shoot as well as another in New York!


Lululemon : Cold Run Campaign

Last month I worked with Lululemon, for the first time, on their latest cold weather running campaign. We went to Banff/Canmore and shot with Malina Kaija, a very talented runner from Toronto. She was an absolute pleasure to work with; she took direction so well (maybe because she’s a photographer too)!  You can check her out on Instagram (here) and her website (here).

All of the new Images up on  There was a video aspect to the campaign which turned out great as well. You can check out the video on their Instagram (here).

Thanks to the whole crew at Lululemon for a great campaign:  Ashley, Patrick, Matt, Brent, Jon, Amelia, and Daniel! You were all fantastic and hopefully we can work with one another in the future!

MEC Fall Lifestyle

Just recently had some more images from a campaign I did with MEC back in the spring, go live on their site. This was a super fun and laid back shoot In Vancouver, British Columbia.  It involved, bike touring around the city and stopping at some dynamite micro breweries (Storm Brewing and Bomber Brewing). We also stopped in a lovely little bakery (Uprising Breads Bakery) and grocery as well.  Nothing was serious about this shoot.  I think my favorite part was when I sat on the back of a tandem bicycle. It allowed me to provide a unique part of the group perspective. 

Be on the lookout for a few more sneak peeks in the coming months! I love working with this company and will happily continue to do so. I also want to throw a hug thank you to Jaime and David with MEC for being so great to work with!


Mio Global - Ad Campaign

Back in May I worked with Mio Global to shoot some of their latest fitness trackers. We had a wonderful time with them in Vancouver. Mio's goal with their products is to be innovative, empower athletes, and be open with their products. They are pioneers in the world of optical heart rate sensors for the wrist. I must say they do work extremely well! The other thing that sets them apart is that you can link them with third-party apps. Take a look at Mio Global (here).

I once again had the pleasure of working with fantastic models provided by Sonya over at Reel Athletes. Check them out here. I wanna thank all of the models (Pauline Findley, Stephen Lang, Rachel Krumme, and Will Poutishi) for being so great and easy to work with!

Thank you Bryan, Tricia, and Jessica from Mio Global for the shoot and all of you're efforts.